The Opening Statement I'd Have Romney Make Tonight

"My fellow Americans,

"We gather here this evening to engage in a conversation about the future of our great republic, a nation that our 40th president, Ronald Reagan, reminded us was, 'the last great hope for man on Earth.'

"That statement still rings true today, because of the bravery of another generation of Americans who dare carry the torch of freedom into the dark against the ever-present threat of creeping tyranny and oppression.

"Tonight, before embarking on this conversation, we pause to remember the life of Border Patrol agent Nicolas Ivie, killed tragically Monday morning in the line of duty near Bisbee, Arizona.

"May God usher his soul home, and comfort his family and friends in this time of loss.

"Tragically, Agent Ivie is just the latest fatality resulting from the failed domestic policies of this administration, which encourages the criminality of illegal immigration, and in so doing, cheapens those who respect the laws of this republic.

"It bears noting that Agent Ivie was stationed at the newly dedicated Brian Terry Border Patrol Station in Bisbee, AZ. Agent Terry, as we all know, was gunned down in the line of duty by another group of cartel gunmen, who used just two of thousands of weapons provided to drug cartels by this administration in a criminal gun-walking operation that has led to the tragic murders of at least 300 Mexican citizens as well, including the 14 teenagers murdered as revealed recently by Univision.

As the son of a Mexic0-born father, I say to you, "Lo sentimos por su pérdida. We are sorry for your loss.

"Mr. Obama continues to refuse to discipline Attorney General Holder for this gun-walking plot known as Operation Fast and Furious, whose Department of Justice is ultimately responsible for these deaths. Nor has Mr. Obama sought to appoint an independent prosecutor to investigate the thousands of felony violations of the Arms Export Control Act, the Kingpin Act, and other federal and international laws broken on his watch, by his administration.

"We must also remember the lives of our ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens, diplomat Sean Smith, and the two former Navy SEALs who were killed as they attempted to provide aide to the ambassador in a 9/11 terrorist attack on our consulate in Benghazi, an attack that President Obama literally chose to sleep through.