The Obama Bomb

Some regard the president as a typical academic, with neither military nor business experience; in fact, only 8% of his cabinet, senior staff and advisers have hands-on experience in commerce and industry, strangers to job-creating and productive labor. This figure represents the lowest percentage among the last nineteen presidents, whose administrations averaged slightly over 46%. (Reagan’s clocked in at 56%.) Trained in critical race theory, animated by a collegial leftist bent, and proficient mainly at emitting high-sounding phrases and pseudo-scholarly platitudes without any purchase on reality, Obama may well be the least qualified person ever elected to the presidency in modern times.

According to these doubters, he is too analytic and dispassionate, too much a creature of the lecture hall and the conference circuit, too readily indoctrinated by ideological apprenticeship and tutorial activism, and too imbued with the spirit of university-vetted bafflegab to act effectively in the Hobbesian jungle of the political world where nobody has tenure, where elitist confidence in rarefied and didactic assumptions is a dead letter, and where hard, clear, practical choices need to be made in order to avoid military and political debacles and unnecessary suffering. University lecturers with an aptitude for the phony calling of “community organizing” do not, on this reckoning, make good presidents and are more than likely to be paragons of ineptitude. To wit: the brute in the Kremlin is invading Ukraine and indulging rhetoric of limited nuclear war against the Baltic states while the egghead in the White House says “the world has always been messy.”

For others still, Obama is a closet Muslim or, at any rate, a Muslim-loving fellow traveler, a wolf in a tan suit, an Islamist in golf shorts. As Robert Spencer points out, Obama never fails to “excuse[ ] and apologize[ ] for Islam every time a jihadist atrocity affects the U.S. in some way.” For example, responding to the beheading of journalist James Foley by ISIS, Obama pontificates that “no faith teaches people to massacre innocents.” This is pure balderdash. Either Obama, like many other political temporizers soft on Islam, has never read the Koran and the Hadith, or he is suppressing the fact of cognitive complicity.

Writing for Eagle Rising online, blogger and educator Paul Dowling is convinced that there is indeed an Islamist in the White House, acting in “the style of a totalitarian caliph,” and lists as evidence for his belief a compendium of items that add up to a very robust case, among which: reducing the military to pre-WWII levels and forcing troops stationed in Muslim countries to observe certain aspects of Ramadan; failing to classify  the Fort Hood massacre as a terrorist event and re-designating it as “workplace violence,” thus depriving military families of due benefits (the Allahu Akbar-ululating murderer Nidal Malik Hasan, who enjoyed a relationship with an al-Qaeda Yemenite cleric, has meanwhile received $278,000 in government salary); arming Qatar; releasing five senior Taliban terrorists in a dubious exchange for an alleged Army deserter; leaking sensitive information with a view to harming Israel; allowing Iran time to pursue its nuclear project; punishing Christians in the military for making religious remarks; targeting via the IRS pro-Israel and conservative groups; and profiting from Hamas phone-banking for his 2008 electoral campaign.

Furthermore, Obama’s  ties to former PLO spokesman Rashid Khalidi and Electronic Intifada operator Ali Abunimah, his overseeing Homeland Security to repurpose terrorist atrocities as “man-caused disasters” and obliging the FBI to purge its training manuals of all reference to jihad and Islam, the infamous Benghazi cover-up, and his preposterous remarks commemorating Eid-al-Fitr that Muslims contributed “to building the very fabric of our nation and strengthening the core of our democracy” -- a bolt of revisionist history predicated on an unadulterated lie -- are other such instances, among a plethora of examples. Additionally, Obama’s staffing of his administration with Muslim Brotherhood operatives argues in favor of Dowling’s hypothesis, although, in the absence of absolute documentary proof, the case he is making remains circumstantial, if persuasive.

Which is it? Will the real Obama please stand up? Or perhaps there is no such commodity as a “real Obama” but merely what Howard Rotberg in Tolerism, quoting Kenneth Gergen’s The Saturated Self, labels a “multiphrenic” personality, that is, someone who has no core identity but is “drawn in multiple and conflicting directions.” “Multiphrenia,” Rotberg writes, is also “exacerbated in those immersed in moral and cultural relativism and moral equivalency,” an evaluation of character and outlook that surely applies to the president. Interestingly, Obama in The Audacity of Hope, referring to his novelty on the political scene, described himself as a “blank screen on which people of vastly different political stripes project their own views.” Ipse dixit. I sometimes think that Obama acts as if he were a feverishly scampering Time Lord, a sort of Dr. Who jittering everywhere at once and nowhere in particular, and plainly not attending to his house, which is, as a result, in a condition of increasing disarray.

If I were asked to define the central attribute of Barack Obama, I would be inclined to adapt Senator Inhofe’s terminology about a method of “blowing up,” not with respect to ISIS but to the policy maker who occupies the Oval Office. It makes no difference whether he is a frivolous and overgrown teenager ruled by his impulses, or a socialist “progressivist” laboring to turn the most successful country on the planet into a redistributive dystopia. Nor does it matter if he's a  a preceptorial savant mired in abstraction, pedantry and oratorical magniloquence, an under-the-radar Islamist with caliphal pretensions or simply, to use a term coined by National Post columnist Barbara Kay, a “useful jihadiot” who runs interference for Islam at every turn, or, in Rotberg’s estimation, a postmodern intersection of relativistic values and fragmentary motives capable of being a glitterati Marxist with powerful Islamic sympathies all at the same time. My own settled view of the president is strictly pragmatic. Obama is political ordnance, an explosive device whose detonation is crippling the nation socially, racially, economically, politically and militarily.

Of course, Obama would have flamed out long ago were he not assisted by a numberless horde in the media, the entertainment industry, the intellectual clerisy, the academy and the plutocratic left, not to mention the grievance-toting minorities and those whose entitlement bread is buttered by domestic leveling policies. But whoever or whatever Obama may be, the issue that chiefly merits consideration is whether the United States will rise from the embers that the megabomb in the White House will have left in his fiery and convulsive wake.