The New Definition of War

The Boston bombings have awakened a new reality in America. Just as the casual glance in the sky at an airplane or a skyscraper was forever altered by 9/11, an outdoor sporting event or gathering has been altered by the Boston bombings.

The real new awakening, however, if American liberties are to prevail and Americans are to survive, needs to be a new criminal and constitutional standard to deal with terrorists engaged in the new, modern-day definition of war. There is such a war that is now menacing the American homeland: Jihad, a “holy war.”

The prevailing thought has been that terrorism is only an “act of war” if attached to a foreign country or foreigner. However, after the Boston bombings a new precedent has been established, as it should have been after Fort Hood. Yet is seems as if the Obama administration and many Americans, in defense of political correctness, want to deny the new rules of engagement.

The new definition of war is not whether or not it is attached to a foreign country or aliens from a foreign country. The new definition of war is in the name of radical Islamic Jihad. This type of war is not simply defined by foreign countries or by foreigners; it is defined by anyone who engages in evil acts of terror, death, and destruction in the name of Jihad’s ideological fanaticism.

The Boston bombings were not an act of a wayward, confused, misinterpreted cowboy, bomb-building, pot-smoking, naturalized American from Chechnya. The murders in Boston were an act of war carried out by Jihad's soldiers. It was an act of Jihad. Coming to terms with this new definition of war as a “holy war” by the radical Jihadists -- who use religion as a cover for their vengeance -- and the acceptance that their soldiers, whether American citizens or foreigners, are enemy combatants are an absolute must if America is to endure and remain safe.

The Jihadist movement has come to our shores. The enemy is in the field, and the movement that was once confined to radical foreigners has now elicited our vulnerable American youth to perpetrate their war, be their “troops,” and both carry and shield their evil. There is a reason they are doing this.

The radical Jihadists know America’s innate goodness, inclusiveness, and our structure of government better than most Americans do, especially the rising generations. They intend to use our own Constitution and rules of law to riddle our society with death and destruction. They want their network and plots to elude detection by hiding behind Miranda rights. American citizen soldiers are their best assets.

We are at war with radical Islamists, and these recent terror attacks -- including the failed underwear bomber and the Times Square bomber, and the successful Fort Hood and Benghazi attacks -- are acts of war. The Boston bombings were an act of war. It was an act of Jihad, a holy war self-proclaimed by the alleged perpetrators themselves.