The Needle Moves: Majority Believe IRS Targeting was Intentional and Illegal's not an "actual real scandal" according to all the president's men.

A new poll finds that a majority of Americans believe the Internal Revenue Service targeting scandal was an intentional effort to harass conservative political groups.

In a Washington Post/ABC News poll released Tuesday, 56 percent said the IRS use of higher scrutiny on Tea Party groups seeking tax exempt status was a deliberate move, with 31 percent calling it an “administrative mistake.”

Bystander pretender Obama feigns outrage over the abuse, but the IRS officials at the heart of the scandal have suffered no consequences. Sarah Hall Ingram oversaw the determinations office that abused taxpayers. She was handed over $100,000 in bonuses. Now she's heading up the implementation of ObamaCare. Fake-fired acting commissioner Steven Miller lied to Congress, and was already on his way out when Obama made a show of asking for his resignation. Rather than real outrage and action, Obama is treating Americans to his version of Masterpiece Theatre. Just like his underlings. He sets the tone.

Lois Lerner planted the question that elicited the IRS apology that kicked off the scandal. That gambit was a little PR stunt that didn't work. Since then, she has lied about why the abuse started in the first place. She claimed that the IRS was dealing with a "flood" of new applications, when the IG report revealed that applications were actually lower in calendar year 2010 than in 2009. But according to Lerner:

“But between 2010 and 2012, we started seeing a very big uptick in the number of 501(c)(4) applications we were receiving, and many of these organizations applying more than doubled, about 1500 in 2010 and over 3400 in 2012.”

The abuse started in 2010. And the abuse created more work for the determinations officers, not less, as they had to process thicker applications with far more questions, and often did follow-up queries and interrogations.

Lerner earned four Pinocchios for the big lie, but she still has her job.

You can't get unionized workers to do more work without their union buying in. In the federal workforce and especially in union shops, increases in workload roll downhill, not uphill. The union boss, Colleen Kelley, met with the great bystander the day before the abuse started. What did they talk about? What led up to the meeting? Who else was involved?

The pretender bystander's story keeps changing. It's time to get some people to talk under oath.