'The Most Important Blow Ever Against the FARC'

Santos, speaking from New York, where he is attending the UN General Assembly meeting, declared:

I have said clearly that for any kind of dialogue it is necessary that they abandon terrorism; in this there is no place for minor doubt, in this there is no place for minor differences in interpretation of what those words mean.

About the operation against Mono Jojoy, he said:

It was an operation that had been planned for a long time. This is the welcome operation that we had announced to the FARC.

This is a very big coup for the Santos administration. The FARC now has no second in command, their seven-member secretariat is down one more man, the eastern block of the FARC (which has an estimated 4,000+ members) is now without a leader, and the terrorists’ morale will be greatly affected as Mono Jojoy was a symbol of the FARC’s violence and terror. According to the Economist, Mono Jojoy was believed to have been in charge of many of the FARC’s cocaine-trafficking operations. Best of all, Jojoy has no clear successor.

Santos himself stated on Wednesday, "He symbolized terror. This is the most important blow ever against the FARC."