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The Most Disturbing Video You Will See Today

This video is from a July hearing, but it could not be more significant than it is right now. With the Obama administration digging in its heels insisting that a film is the cause of the ongoing unrest and attacks on US interests in the Middle East, would the administration ever entertain passing laws against blasphemous speech?

It's a simple question. But the DoJ's civil rights head, Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez, refused to give a simple, straightforward answer.

As Patrick Poole reported back in July when this exchange occurred, Perez understood fully the context of the question that was put to him. He had been meeting with Islamic groups that were requesting the administration use federal anti-discrimination statutes to stop criticism of Islam. The question was not one that came out of nowhere. It had a basis in Perez's actions in office.

The fact that Perez refused to answer is itself an answer, and that answer is "Yes."