The Ministry of Silly Bans

Nowhere in this discussion is there any regard for the notion of personal responsibility, specifically the recognition that parents and children can and should learn to look out for themselves and their loved ones. Any child whose parents are so oblivious as to fail to notice that their children's hands are in danger of falling off has much bigger problems than an excessive fondness for Silly Bandz.

These bans are nothing but a case of the Nanny State literally acting like a nanny.

The movement to ban the latest thing children have found to enjoy is a blatantly idiotic manifestation of the constant impulse of our federal, state, and local governments to suppress every attempt by the nation's children to enjoy themselves in a natural, unforced way without adults turning it into some vile, arid, obvious learning experience.

Our governments treat adults the same way, always ostensibly for our own good, and their ministrations always just happen to result in more power for the people who manage the bureaucratic state. One might almost suspect that this is not a coincidence.

Play gives kids pleasure while teaching them valuable lessons about life. The nanny state, however, insists on controlling everything, and in particular making sure that the indoctrination of the nation's children is continual and comprehensive.

The effort to ban Silly Bandz is just the latest proof of this dismal truth, and the nation's kids will indeed learn a lesson from this: the people in authority over them are uniformly hostile, controlling, overbearing, unreasonable, and downright mean.

If ever a policy were designed to turn children into future revolutionaries, this is it.

Vive le Silly Bandz!