The Making of a Palestinian Hero

2. The United States should stop seeing itself as an advocate or ally of the Palestinians, who are suffused with Middle Eastern anti-American, anti-Western, anti-Christian, and anti-Semitic passions and have nothing to offer in terms of promoting U.S. interests.

3. Israel essentially faces the same dilemma in the West Bank that it faced in Gaza: to rule over a hate-ridden population, or to give it autonomy, lose security control, and risk being subjected to its attacks. This is an Israeli problem that Israel has to wrestle with. The role of the U.S. as an ally is to offer support, respect Israel’s decision-making autonomy, and not try to impose clumsy “solutions” that show ignorance of the region and draw equivalencies—if not worse—between Israel and its attackers.

And, finally, while Israeli-Palestinian violence may still be a media favorite, it is a good deal less significant than the real threats—the growing power of ISIS, Iran's nuclear progress—that the region poses. The Palestinians should cease being an obsessive issue; they are not only of limited significance but hardly deserve it.