The Looming ObamaCare Oil Slick

A desperate political ad for Russ Feingold aired in Wisconsin last week. In the ad a "community coordinator" named Paulina says, "Russ [Feingold] fought to stop insurance companies from denying Wisconsin children health care due to pre-existing conditions." The community coordinator then concludes with: "Ron Johnson, hands off my health care." Feingold may be the only Democrat left in Washington who isn't sprinting away from the unpopular health care overhaul, which was passed in secrecy earlier this year without being read and against the will of the vast majority of the American people.

The British Petroleum Deepwater Horizon oil leak trumpeted by anti-capitalists as the world-ending crisis of the millennium has turned out to be much ado about nothing -- just another in a long line of manufactured distractions from the real destruction being masterminded out of Washington. Stretches of pristine coastline and marshes unscathed by oil and teeming with wildlife -- egrets, brown pelicans, porpoises, crabs, alligators and lots of fish -- are flourishing in stark contrast to the ecowarriors' doomsday predictions of millions of gallons of crude oil coating the Gulf Coast from Florida to Texas. As dire as these discredited and media-hyped predictions were, however, they pale in comparison to the devastation coming our way in 2011, when the coming oil slick of ObamaCare washes up on the shore of the American economy, bringing destruction and devastation that will take generations to repair. And Russ Feingold is proudly taking credit for it.

At last month's rally in the People's Republic of Madison, President Obama announced that Russ Feingold "doesn't always agree with me but always agrees with the people of his state." That makes about as much sense as Obama's commencement speech at the traditionally all-black Hampton University last May, when he said that "information becomes a distraction." You see, 54% of Wisconsin residents opposed the very ObamaCare bill Feingold voted for. Yet Feinfold toed the party line instead of listening to his constituents.

The dysfunctional, indecipherable, and wildly unpopular government takeover of one-fifth of our nation's economy has even McDonald's Corporation jumping ship. The fast food giant warned federal regulators last month that it would drop its health insurance plan for nearly 30,000 hourly restaurant workers unless regulators waive a new requirement of ObamaCare. And that's only the tip of the iceberg.

Feingold's attempted heartstring tug mentioning pre-existing conditions for children turns out to be more evidence of the farce of ObamaCare. Just days after President Obama signed the new health care law, insurance companies pointed out that coverage for certain children with pre-existing conditions was actually not mandated. The insurance companies our president promised would be banned forever from denying coverage to children with pre-existing conditions quickly pointed out that ObamaCare does not require them to write insurance for such children and does not guarantee the "availability of coverage" as the president promised.