The Left's Ongoing War on Logic

“Mexican” is a term describing nationality. It is not an indicator of race. One is reminded of this in Chicago. Here one periodically encounters Mexican-Americans who physically appear just as Caucasian as Mayor Daley himself.

Yet to our leftist elites -- whose temperament and addiction to status makes them loathe to mix with the general public -- anyone born south of the Rio Grande automatically looks like the Incas of yore.

That appeals to the cheapest emotional denominator work evidences the extent to which ours is a sound-bite culture. Sustained analysis would illuminate for normal folk that the proper word for preventing illegal aliens from rampaging over our border is “rational.”

Maintaining non-permeable frontiers is as innocuous as watching Winnie the Pooh. Keeping citizens from discerning the normality inherent to such ventures is emblematic of the Democratic approach to governance.

A fully informed public is one that eschews membership in coalitions dominated by professional race-baiters and co-competing parasites. Democratic mandarins intuit that engagement over policy mechanics is a precursor to their faction’s Waterloo. They are the party of government, so they must embrace emotion over reason. Their eternal solution for problems (or banalities they mislabel as problems) are bureaucratic programs, and more of them.

Sooner or later, calm discussion would reveal to impartial observers that pseudo-liberals always write out the same prescription for whatever ails -- an increase in the size of government.

Socialism is the Democratic Party’s perpetual, Waters-made deus ex machina. A cavalry to call upon regardless of situation. It applies equally well for concerns over global warming, underperforming schools, unemployment, and even the imperfections in our health care system.

The one theme intrinsic to leftist politics is that citizens cannot be trusted to improve their lives on their own. Were it to be otherwise, then what use would we have for a gaggle of sanctimonious demagogues who lust for power and control?

We must follow their lead as, in the words of our nation’s great divider: “Our individual salvation depends on collective salvation.”

Another neo-socialist, Representative Barney Frank, placed love for statism in the proper euphemistic context. He summarized the Byzantine and corrupt practices of the Leviathan with the mundane utterance: “Government is the name we give to the things we choose to do together.”

If you believe that, then you’ll buy that printing money results in economic stimulus. Rep. Frank is wrong, however. Government is the name for the things our elites do to us.