The Left's Ongoing War on Logic

Somewhere between the presidency of Herbert Hoover and the much maligned career of Senator Joseph McCarthy, being Republican became “uncool.”

That never bothered me though. I have long known that adulthood and hipness are mutually exclusive conditions. Yet for the last 40 years Democrats have depicted Republicans in the worst possible light, and, in the process, morphed serious minded human beings into personality caricatures. Rather than describe conservatives as fellow citizens, leftists cast us as variations upon the Church Lady, random geeks, fatcat capitalists like the one pictured on the Monopoly game, or as General Ripper in the film Dr. Strangelove.

Their attempts at discrediting the right are both heinous and foul. Unfortunately, their efforts have partially succeeded in tarnishing the Republican “brand.” This is particularly evident in the perceptions of minority members and the young who see nothing grand in G-O-P.

The left’s blitzkrieg against the right is psychological and devoid of logical refutation. In the mind of activists, responding to the contentions and objections we raise is unnecessary.

Substantive debate with conservatives would not serve their needs. Close inspection of the inefficiency of the Washington, D.C., apparatus, its O’Donnell-esque size, and the fact that its unfunded liabilities will break us in the future would endanger their continued political viability. If pseudo-liberals did not ignore these issues, they would never get elected.

Instead of discussing, Democrats slander, ridicule, and delegitimize. Theirs is politics by conspiracy. Fallacies and rampant mischaracterizations are ubiquitous among their fabricated talking points.

For example, to get around the obvious fact that both the Bush and Obama administrations have floridly failed in their duty to secure our nation’s southern border, leftists painted the Arizona legislature as being a group of racist Neanderthals.

This tactic was yet another attempt by pseudo-liberals to demonize their foes. It did nothing to explain why the federal government refuses to fulfill its obligation to maintain the integrity of our frontiers. Democrats hope that this truth escapes unseen by the populace.

Before the drones ensconced within the left-wing mainstream media were able to correctly parrot the “racist” angle as an article of faith, several leaps in logic had to be made first.

Pseudo-liberals had to pretend that the Arizona bill impacted immigrants on aggregate, as opposed to illegal aliens in isolation. After doing so, they then deliberately deceived the public by blurring the distinction between origin and race.