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The Left's 'Colonel Kurtz' Summer

Unfortunately for the suddenly uncomfortable, the bigger problem for the left-leaning does not halt beyond Obamacare: can you name many Leftist proposals that do not either violate Natural Law or disdainfully tread on its boundaries? Any? How much of Leftist thought is, and should have been, dead on arrival? How many landmark bills, slogans, teachings, entire executive branch departments?

For the intellectually honest Leftist, today the pupils must widen, lest you mislead yourself and waste another day or life. The Constitution forbids Leftism. Further, Leftists cannot amend the sections of the Constitution forbidding Leftism, as those parts are based on incontrovertible arithmetic -- they simply are, even if no law had been established. Choose to try anyway? Then you choose to spend your finite, sacred time on Earth forcefully restricting your neighbor’s, an act none can ever possess the right to do, and an act which the only possible just government -- one founded in Natural Law -- must condemn.

The left has spent over a century pursuing tyranny, mostly without self-awareness. Now a shrinking portion of the nation must, if their conscience demands it, confront the truth of a stricken Mandate: I am guilty, not them?

The horror.