The Inversion Narrative


The leftist pretends to be open to new and different ideas, rational, and tolerant.

Nothing could be less true. In reality, the academician leftist is a closed-minded, dogmatic, intolerant shrew. They blackball anyone who has a divergent point of view, indoctrinate those in their charge, and adhere with the ferocity of a cult to a pre-masticated doctrine from which there is zero diversity.


There is not a more intolerant group in America than the postmodern leftist.

They are intolerant of Middle America. They are intolerant of the Tea Party. They are intolerant of blacks or Hispanics who are not leftists. They are intolerant of Fox News, talk radio, and Evangelical Christians. They are intolerant of the South. They are intolerant of Kansas. They are intolerant of Sarah Palin. They are intolerant of Joe Lieberman. They are intolerant of Israel, AIPAC, and more frequently these days, Jews in general.

It is easy to put them in high dudgeon -- you simply have to disagree with any position they take. It will be the swiftest comparison to Hitler you have ever experienced.


Nothing screams anti-intellectual more loudly than announcing that an unworked thesis is “settled science,” and then screeching that anyone that doesn’t agree is a member of the Flat Earth Society. Leftists are all emotional dogma, all the time. They cannot stand to have any of their pet theories debunked, or even tested. They maintain the air of erudition, but live the life of intellectual grifters.

If the facts come to light, they will simply form a secret society that will smear their opponents, dream of throwing them through a plate glass window, or pick someone at random and call them racist.

Race Relations

This is among the most insidious of the fabrications. "Southern Man" was a Neil Young song that stereotyped a region of the country, but it is Leftist Man that is the real, raging racist in this country. Leftism withers and dies without class and race victims. The New Black Panther case has shown just how deeply the racism runs throughout the leftist inner circle.

And don’t dare be black and cross a leftist threshold. Just ask Clarence Thomas, Juan Williams, and Condi Rice.

Leftists are consumed by race, and they use it as a sword and a shield with impunity. They not only have zero interest in being a race-neutral society, they are permanently invested in making race “wedge” issues each and every opportunity they can. (To a lesser degree this same tactic is repeated with sexual orientation, non-Judeo/Christian or Bible-based religions or creeds, other people “of color,” and “workers.”) The invention of “wedge” issues where none exist is like logs on a bonfire of the verities. The truth is turned to ashes so that the smoke of divisiveness can live on.


The “peace, love, dove” image is a total fraud. And the seething hatred of our troops is always bubbling just beneath the surface. Bill Ayers was perfectly willing to to explode nail bombs at Ft. Dix to kill young men in uniform and their dates. Michael Moore sees the sworn enemies of America as “minutemen.” Leftists aren’t anti-war, they are anti-American in conflict settings.

When is the last time you heard a leftist make a pointed attack on the violent, war-mongering enemies of the West, most especially of America or Israel?

Our civilians murdered are “little Eichmanns,” and they are victims of “our chickens coming home to roost.”

A sneering “Call me Senator,” looking down the nose at the barbarian in uniform, calling them every filthy name by a Murtha or Durbin, smearing them and saying that 24 years of service in the military doesn’t count as “public service.” The Freudian slips unveil what was once out in the open during the Hanoi Jane era. It’s under wraps and “coded” by the postmodern leftist, but it seeps and oozes out from time to time.


This one is a bit of a laugher. Nancy Pelosi has been nothing short of an economic Mussolini in her iron-fisted, “we won” fascist arrogance. Giving off the distinct impression that she graduated at the head of her class in the “Because I Say So” School of Diplomacy, she has refused to even pretend to want dialogue with Republicans, independents, centrists in her own party, Blue Dog Democrats, or anyone who isn’t part of the Haight-Ashbury (accent on the hate) “overthrow the system” regime.

The Obama administration allowed her to run roughshod over everyone in her path, letting her get her hands dirty while they continued the charade of centrism. Strident, radically partisan, arrogant, and determined, the runaway radicals road-graded the Constitution, House rules, and Senate rules; attacked Supreme Court rulings; ignored the law at their whim; and wholly ignored the will of the voters and anyone else’s opinion.

The Inverse Narrative that these folks are against authoritarianism is a cosmic joke of epic proportions.

Pro-choice/Protector of Women

The wording chosen in the “wedge” issue concerning abortion and “women’s rights” has always gone off the rails in the first few minutes of serious discussion. It must be assumed that if one is “pro-choice,” one would be open-minded about the “choices.” Nothing could be less evident in the leftist Inversion Narrative.

There is nothing respectful about the array of “choices” that confront pregnant women when advanced by the radical left. The sneering, often raging animus toward faith-based folks on virtually any topic consumes the leftist side of the debate on abortion.

As one traverses left, lefter, leftist on the political spectrum, the willingness to destroy life can extend to two years outside the womb. Many reasonable, rational folks draw the line before the third trimester. Apparently, you could convince some leftists that a mother’s “snuff rights” over her child extend to third grade.

Rational thought leaves the reservation when NOW refuses to say a word when non-leftist women are groped, harassed, besmirched, and denigrated by leftist men. Or at all, for that matter.

Apparently, whether you have “women’s rights” depends entirely on whether you are the “right” women.

The Inversion Narrative covers all that leftism claims to be about. Expect to see it on display the day after.