The Inversion Narrative

Since January 1, 2007, the Democrats have had the lead position in Congress and have legislated, drafted, crafted, and enacted their ideology into the body politic with a fury and a frenzied pace unmatched in our history as a nation. They have grabbed the reins of an enormous portion of our economy in arenas as diverse as banking, the auto industry, health care, energy, home ownership, and student loans, as well as homeland security, the courts, and the military.

In the eyes of a large portion of the electorate, they have spent taxpayer money wildly and recklessly. Perhaps more importantly, the Pelosi/Reid/Obama/Frank Democrats have thumbed their noses at the will of the populace and passed an unpopular monstrosity of a health care bill, and did so by reconciliation, in defiance and with an aura of a legislative rebellion against the people.

They have spoken openly and negatively about the populace as “mean,” “bitter,” “racist,” “homegrown terrorists,” and “scared,” and have barely concealed their contempt at the lack of gratitude, lack of capacity to “understand,” and lack of enthusiasm for the trillions of dollars poured into their pet programs.

This particular crowd has lead with ham-fisted arrogance, insolence, disrespect, and an imperiousness heretofore never witnessed or attempted by any political party in America.

This attitude has sparked a response. This response is given a name, the Tea Party, in part to give it an easy frame of reference. But do not be fooled. It is not a thing, it’s a process. It is not necessarily Republican, either. Republicans are going to be the beneficiaries on November 2, no doubt. The noxious arrogance by the supermajority emperors in the Democratic Party is going to be dealt a swift and harsh dose of karma. But the Republicans are not being rewarded, they are being entrusted.

They can squander that trust easily if they are not cognizant and careful from whence it stems.

This puts the Democratic Party, their White House administration, and their likely slim Senate majority in an entirely different role than the one they have mangled since January 1, 2007. They are now back to the fighting style at which they excel -- counterpuncher.

As we have seen with the Juan Williams/NPR debacle, when the ideology is exposed to the sunshine and open air, it leaves a rancid residue behind. If one talks openly about the deep-seated hatred of the Islamic jihad, it’s naked bigotry -- one is called a bigot.

If one exposes the fraud of the clearly “unsettled science” of global warming, one is called a repudiator of science.

If a Stanley Kurtz exposes the clear extremism of fringe socialism masquerading as centrism, the person who points out the elements of extremism is called an extremist.

If one points out racism -- like J. Christian Adams and Christopher Coates did, inside our own Department of Justice -- one is called a racist.

The paragons of “tolerance” are shown repeatedly to be the most intolerant people in the nation. The ones whose argument in the debates has devolved into nothing more than ad hominem attacks, smears, and distortions, now fault voters for “not understanding.”

The journolistas who meet in secret, construct plans to call someone racist, carry the banner for leftism, and pretend to be “objective” are part and parcel of the Inversion Narrative. They have been slandering the Tea Party with impunity for over a year.

They will announce on the night of November 2 that the country “threw a tantrum.” They will be inconsolable. And the Inversion Narrative will be in full force and effect beginning on November 3. When Reagan won, Bernie Goldberg highlighted how the very next day we began to see reports on the plight of the homeless.

Expect more of the same. Only worse.

The Republicans will be set up repeatedly. There will be leg snares and traps set at every turn. There will be someone to blame. And the Inversion Narrative has them in mind already. Just ask Juan Williams.

This is the Inversion Narrative. In his stance on education, tolerance, intellectualism, race views, peace advocacy,  anti-authoritarianism, and feminism, the post-modern leftist is nothing, nothing at all, that he pretends to be.