The Hysterical Left Is Making NeverTrumpers Reconsider

A day or two ago, Jim Treacher made a useful observation:

Every time you make a #NeverTrump person defend him on principle, you're just driving away another prospective 2020 voter. Keep it up.

I'm a perfect example.

I don't like Trump. A year ago, I was writing about my suspicions about Trump's nomination. A couple days before the election, I tweeted:

So let's just be clear. I don't particularly like Trump. I didn't vote for Trump. I preferred him over Clinton, marginally, because Trump wasn't an outright criminal whose primary defense was that her political cronies refused to prosecute, and because I thought (as Glenn Reynolds has suggested) that I could depend on the press to at least actually scrutinize what Trump's administration was doing.

Well, in the intervening couple of weeks, I've seen:

  • violent protests against Trump
  • brutal assaults against Trump supporters
  • death threats against Trump, Mike Pence, and their families
  • concerted attempts to suborn the election by petitioning electors to change their votes, including by doxxing electors and overtly making repeated death threats against them,
  • and open plans to to not just protest, but to disrupt, Trump's inauguration.

Now, I didn't like Trump because he struck me as authoritarian: a big-government lover; a crony capitalist who bragged about using his money for political contributions to buy cooperation; an opportunist who changed his political positions depending on the audience who was pandering to the audience he thought had the best chance of falling for his pander; and a person building a cult of personality with an appeal that depended on a policy of "othering" certain racial, religious, and ethnic groups.

In other words, I found Trump to be not easily distinguishable from Clinton or Obama.