The Hidden Death Toll of Higher CAFE Standards

With all that the Obama administration has been hitting us with of late, the news about CAFE and how it will affect us has been given far less coverage than it deserves. I wonder if Obama's motive is to flood the field so as to slip stuff like this by us. It is certainly the effect.

What is CAFE? We've been hearing about CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) standards for years, and the usual hype is that they're a good thing.

What we're being sold on is lower fuel consumption for our cars which will lead to less "global warming." The science surrounding the global warming scare is questionable at best, as has been covered in many venues. So CAFE has a questionable goal from the start.

We're also told that lower fuel consumption means lower cost, which would be a boon to consumers. But does it?

Those in favor of raising CAFE standards never tell us about the increased technology costs involved with squeezing ever more energy out of increasingly small amounts of fuel, amounting to several thousand dollars per car -- to say nothing of the cost of maintaining such beasts.

They never mention the increases in taxes to make up for the shortfall of revenue from the gas tax, or the increased tag fees from states who have traditionally used weight as a measurement for registration fees.

The cost of CAFE will far outweigh the costs of buying more fuel, even at today's inflated prices.

Also, let's remember that those inflated prices are brought on by oil starvation, which is brought on by the misguided policy of this administration. In the months since President Obama took the oath of office, oil prices have more than doubled. Could it be that Obama's policy of "no domestic drilling" has anything to do with this?

What would you say, though, if I told you that this "good thing" that the government is forcing on us in the name of "saving the environment" is responsible for no less than 2,000 deaths per year?