The Hicks File: Radical Arizona Educators Now in the Crosshairs

The nation’s ultra-liberals and leftists have made Arizona the focus of their anger. Why?

Let’s examine this.

Beyond advocating an ever-expanding nanny state, working to undermine the nation’s military, defending racial preferences, and maintaining Big Labor as the Democrats' political machine, only two other issues are seen by leftists as issues worth waging nationwide battles over.

Immigration and indoctrination (through identity-based high school and college classes) are these two other causes. Arizona has just thrown down the gauntlet against these two pet causes of the left.

Arizona’s political leaders “called out” the left when SB 1070 was signed into law. Twenty days later they signed into law a bill outlawing race-specific ethnic studies classes.

As I’ve said, Arizona’s on a roll!

Bringing to life a tough anti-illegal immigration law was considered an “in-your-face” act by the nation’s open-border advocates. They immediately began screaming for a national boycott, claiming the law was “racist.”

Knee-jerk leftists everywhere genuflected.

In Highland Park, Illinois, the local high school is preventing its girls' basketball team from traveling to Arizona to play in a basketball tournament. The assistant superintendent said the trip “would not be aligned” with the schools “core beliefs and values.”

These poor girls sold cookies for months to raise money for the trip, which was taken away at the last minute by some dim-bulb administrator. But a parent of one of the players said, “I’m not sure whose values and what values and what beliefs they’re talking about. We just want to go to Arizona to play basketball.”

In San Diego, the president of the school district, Richard Berrera, pushed through a resolution restricting employees from traveling to Arizona.

He told parents and students, presumably mostly Latino, that they shouldn’t travel to Arizona because they might be the targets of racial profiling or harassment.

But a long-time employee of the San Diego schools said, “They have no authority or jurisdiction on matters in another state and they certainly have no authority to give directions to parents.”

But things really got crazy in Los Angeles. The politically liberal Los Angeles City Council voted thirteen to one to ban official travel to Arizona and will order a review of all contracts the city has with Arizona.

But since many of the existing contracts are airport, port, and energy services that can’t legally be affected by the boycott, the city of L.A. just engaged in a silly, empty, and largely meaningless gesture to stroke their liberal political egos.

At the council meeting, a long line of activists trouped to the microphone to condemn Arizona and even the people of Arizona as racists, bigots, and Nazis.

Not to be outdone by the activists, council members compared Arizona to Nazi Germany and the beginnings of the Holocaust. Without an ounce of shame, Councilman Ed Reyes said: “As an American, I cannot go to Arizona today without a passport. If I came across an officer who’s having a bad day and feels that the picture on my ID is not me, I can be … deported, no questions asked. That is not American.”

Shouldn’t this man, an elected official in the nation’s second largest city, be embarrassed to display this kind of uninformed, over-the-top posturing?

But Reyes was no different than the other thirteen city council members who voted for the boycott. None of them have taken the time or have the intellectual honesty to actually read the Arizona law, nor have they attempted to understand national immigration law.

But apparently they don’t care -- because through their vote they are thumbing their noses at the American people.