The Hicks File: Multiculturalism Reaches Its Dead End

All the noise from the left that Arizona’s new immigration law is racist may have started a healthy backlash.

Many Americans have had it up to here with being called racists or being told that they’ve gotta bend a knee to any and every crazed leftist claim.

Feeding this growing backlash were three recent jaw-dropping events showing the corrosive nature of “multiculturalism” and “diversity.”

(Feel free to take notes. There will be an exam at the end of today’s Hicks File.)

The first example comes from Ann Arbor, Michigan, where Mike Madison, an elementary school principal, took only his black students on a field trip to hear a black rocket scientist speak. He left his white students behind.

Why’d he do this?  Well, the principal -- who is black -- said that “it gave the kids an opportunity to see that this type of achievement is possible even for them.”  Come again -- “even for them”??? Damn, talk about the bigotry of low expectations!

He obviously felt the “diversity” needs of his black students took precedent over his white students. He didn’t seem to think he was being a bigot and apparently couldn’t have cared less that the white kids might have benefited equally from hearing an inspirational talk by a successful scientist.

Now let’s swing over to Morgan Hill in California, where five white students at Live Oak High School were sent home because they wore American flag T-shirts on Cinco de Mayo.  The school’s assistant principal, Miguel Rodriguez, said he thought the shirts were “incendiary.”

Since when was seeing an American flag in an American high school incendiary?  Okay, the school district’s bean counters have since apologized. They say the school’s administrators acted “prematurely.” No matter, the message has been sent, and received, that Cinco de Mayo was a day exclusively for and about Mexico and Mexican students. How dare a student wear a T-shirt that contradicts this message!

But since the five “offending” white students weren’t suspended or punished, Latino students said they’d been “dissed” and stormed violently out of school chanting “Mexico, Mexico” and waving Mexican flags.

One Latino student said, “Cinco de Mayo is the only day Mexican-American students can show their national pride.” Okay, I’m confused: do these students consider themselves American ... or Mexican?

Let’s get real: Cinco de Mayo is hardly an important holiday in Mexico. Hell, it’s actually only celebrated in one Mexican state, Puebla, and here in the United States the day is just one more excuse for some to get drunk -- hardly an event of high cultural meaning.

But since the left’s concept of “multiculturalism” trashes the long-held belief in an American melting pot, these Latino kids, drunk on the politics of racial identity, have little intention of melting into the mainstream.