The Hellspawn of Demon Pass, or Why We Are Where We Are

The U.S. government is partially shut down. The debt ceiling may be breached, and the Obama administration threatens to default on the nation's creditors. Washington's standoff enters its third week, after the government shut down privately managed parks, war memorials, and even tried to corral the sea off Florida to make the shutdown visibly painful.

The federal government outsourced construction of a multi-million dollar website to a Canadian firm on a no-bid contract -- and that website,, doesn't even work.

Workers across the United States are losing their jobs or having their full-time jobs downgraded to part-time so their employers can avoid expensive new government mandates. Big Labor is deeply worried that the traditional 40-hour work week is being destroyed.

Sticker shock is setting in, as millions of Americans either lose their health insurance or find that they're being charged as much as 300% more than they previously had to pay, and now face massive co-pays and deductibles.

How did we get here? Is it really all Ted Cruz's fault?


It's tempting for journalists to play the both-sides-did-it blame game, but in the case of Obamacare, only one side really is to blame.

America had a problem that had been amped to a crisis: About 10 to 15% of us lacked health insurance. That many of those who did not have insurance were healthy young Americans who did not need insurance hardly ever entered the debate. That many uninsured are illegal aliens who should not be here at all is almost never mentioned.

We got where we are now because Democrats have wanted to impose a national health care system since the Truman administration. The American people resisted. But the Democrats persisted.



The issue bubbled along for decades. In the 1980s and 1990s states found various ways to deal with the health insurance issue. Some, like Massachusetts under Gov. Mitt Romney, imposed a system of mandates to force their residents who had not bought insurance to buy it, or pay fines.