The Government You Love to Hate

Rumor has it that night crawlers al dente will be featured in the congressional cafeteria this month. This comes on the heels of a new Pew Research Center poll showing that fewer people than ever trust their government. I’d like to feign surprise in the interest of a good headline, but this isn’t exactly shocking or new. The first elections I ever took part in came on the heels of Watergate, so I’ve seen mistrust of beltway denizens spiking and receding more than a few times over the ensuing decades.

But to find examples of Americans questioning their elected leaders we don’t need to dig through the history books as far back as Tricky Dick, Iran-Contra, or Monica Lewinski. As Amy Walter points out in the National Journal, Pew found an almost identical trend only four years ago.

In the Pew poll, respondents who described themselves as angry with government jumped from 13 percent in 2004 to 20 percent in 2006. What fueled that increase? Democrats. Some 28 percent of the angry respondents four years ago were Democrats, 21 percent were independents and just 7 percent were Republicans. Today, the overall percentage of people who say they're angry is basically the same, but it's Republicans who are the angry ones.

It would be easy -- not to mention lazy -- to make the leap from those numbers to a claim that this is nothing more than partisan party hackery infesting the homeland. Democrats are angry when a Republican is in the White House and vice versa. But when you mix the reaction of the independents and unregistered voters into the mix, that argument begins to sag around the edges.

So, to borrow a page from the vice president, what’s the big effing deal with all these people grabbing their pitchforks and questioning their betters in Washington? Over at the American Thinker, Neil Braithwaite thinks he’s nailed down the answer. Put simply, we’re seeing a perfect storm as America plunges headlong toward socialism.

The current economic and social conditions of not only our country, but also the world, have culminated in a perfect storm for seeding a European style socialist government here in America. In the midst of these unprecedented conditions, many citizens, businesses and political leaders are being overtaken by this powerful storm, leading them to sometimes abandon rational thought and accept the unimaginable -- a socialist style government in America.