The GOP Doesn't Need Leaders like McConnell and Steele

Can anyone really say that it’s acceptable that Sharron Angle lost by six points when Reid was behind by double digits for most of the race and she was up by 2.7 points in the RCP poll average? Nearly every poll in October showed Reid losing. Every single poll in October had Buck either with a small lead over Bennet in Colorado or a tie that should have been easily overcome given the political environment. Bennet won, albeit by slightly less than one percent. Pat Toomey had a very stable and comfortable lead for most of the race, yet won by only two points. Voters in California are justifiably angry, but Barbara Boxer and Jerry Brown won in landslides — again, when polls showed it a lot closer.

If Reid could make such a comeback, you better believe Obama can, too. The president is in a much better position now than Reid was on the very day of the election. And if you have any remaining confidence in Steele, consider the criticisms of the RNC political director who resigned and how Steele hasn't addressed them. The Republican Party voters deserve more honorable and competent leaders, and the country deserves less opportunistic and ignorant politicians.

In 2007, those of us against a premature withdrawal from Iraq were disgusted with how Congress tried to sabotage the surge before it had a chance to succeed and mandate the removal of combat forces on a short and firm timeline. It’s no accident this happened as the polls took a tectonic shift in the pro-withdrawal direction. McConnell hypocritically tried to secretly switch lanes solely because of those same polls. And Steele, out of monumental ignorance or political opportunism or rigid partisanship, took unjustified shots at the war in Afghanistan.

If they’ll put politics above national security, they’ll put politics above you. That’s the type of inauthentic leadership the Tea Party was birthed to counter. The Republican Party is stuck with McConnell as Senate minority leader for the time being, but it has a chance to move beyond Steele. It’s time for the GOP to clean house.