The Five Most Infantile Beliefs on Display at the 'Occupy' Tantrums

#5: Cooties can kill me and disagreeable words will crush my spirit.

Now, dear readers, this is sad. Truly sad. Prior to this OWS moment, the last time I saw so much childish behavior and stupid thinking on display was on an elementary school playground.

Here’s the perfect OWS Anthem: I don’t want to work!

At the ongoing OWS tantrums, we daily see video and read news reports of physical grown-ups taking bullhorns in hand to shout inanities like: “The rich have cooties! And their cooties can kill you!”  “Those evil bankers made the grass on their side of the fence greener than ours!” “Life isn’t fair so let’s destroy everything to make it fair!”

This big, booby-brat pack offer nothing of substance and cannot explain why they are there in any more adult terms than hurling childish taunts at the cootie-carriers.

We see scenes of the “general assemblies” where physically grownup humans revert to things like “twinkling” hand symbols to avoid words that might crush their spirits or those of the delicate kids next to them.

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These fools still believe that childhood’s mob-chants have real meaning. They’re so stuck on stupid that their interviews are downright incoherent.

The OWS brat-pack apparently altogether missed the  character-development lesson designed to toughen them to words and opinions different from their own. If any adult ever told them to toughen their spirits against the barbs of others with the aphorism, “Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words will never hurt me,” these ninnies cried en masse in their mommies' skirts. And their foolish parents let them be, soothed their pitiful tears with self-esteem coddling poppycock and never did the hard work of disabusing them of the “world revolves around me” egocentrism of young childhood.

Now, these adult children are left with “twinkling” their fingers in lieu of mature discussion -- which might hurt their ‘ittle feelings. Pitiful.

But that is not nearly the worst of it.  These childish idiots are a danger to themselves and to all others in their wake.

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