The Five Most Infantile Beliefs on Display at the 'Occupy' Tantrums

What we have here are the biggest, baddest public temper tantrums we’ve seen since 1960s spoiled-brat college kids reverted to the terrible twos and marched, rioted, burned, and bombed their way across America.

So far at least, the violence at “Occupy” tantrums hasn’t reached '60s-level, though there have been thefts, assaults, rapes, and lots – and lots and lots – of incendiary hate speech.

Old '60s radicals, now in charge of “mainstream” news, are  all “wee-weed up” -- to use President Eloquent’s expression -- by the OWS tantrums. This new generation’s display of wasted minds gives the aging-hippie brigade a moment to relive their own misspent youth. These “news” people haven’t had this much thrill going up their legs since Barack Obama hip-hopped his way to the presidency on the wings of '60s radical hope-dope.

But what do responsible Americans see in the “Occupy” tantrums?

Tea Partiers, of course, see the gross liberal/conservative double standard at work big time. Where Tea Partiers got legal permits and paid tens of thousands of dollars for such things as police presence, traffic coordination, and sanitary necessities like porta-potties, these leftist tantrum-throwers form health-hazard Obamavilles on public property – fee free. The Obamaville squatters disrupt the sleep and threaten the health of close-by residents with their all-hours, out-of-control misdeeds, all the while getting positive press from the aging-hippie chorus in the media.

Some OWS kids are surely there just for the free food, the no-strings sex, the communal bong hits, or the summer-camp, kumbayah déjà vu.

Most of the lot are, we can be pretty certain, pure hope-dopers from the Obama Youth brigade – the in-your-face and up-yours gang – now come to flaunt their disillusionment with their adolescent president.

These young Obama voters -- who in 2008 exchanged their liberal parents’ adolescent rallying cry of “Our hope is in dope!” for the even more stupid “That dope is our hope!” --  are now angry “bitter clingers” who refuse to let go of their infantile delusions.  The One “they were waiting for” has failed to deliver their fairy tale utopia, so they throw a public tantrum in every city stupid enough to put up with them.

Hordes of good minds so thoroughly wasted in a vainglorious celebration of immaturity and weak character is not a pretty sight. And it bodes horrible ills for the future of this country.

But unless we recognize the fundamental childish beliefs now being trotted out  by leftist news people as “high philosophy” and  “significant political issues,” then we are bound to repeat our parenting tomfoolery all the way to the destruction of this grand republic.

So in the interest of saving America, let’s first recognize the five most infantile beliefs of the OWS kids. These youngsters will go down in history as the biggest bunch of booby-brats ever produced by an advanced civilization.

First: Back to the schoolyard...