The Five Most Catastrophic Hidden Costs of the Obama Presidency

5. President Obama’s pass-the-buck, blame-it-on-the-other-guy, it-was-just-bad-luck performance as a no-account “leader” sends a horrible message to our youth.

His is an example so bad that it will reverberate for a generation at incalculable cost.

Well, should we really have expected more from a guy who freely admitted to doing “blow” and smoking “weed,” who never released a single transcript from a single school he attended, who never wrote a law review article, who voted “present” over 130 times as a state legislator, and who thought listening to hate-whitey political speeches qualified as going to “church”? Probably not.

But these were the facts intentionally glossed over by fraudulent brander David Axelrod and his client, Barack Obama. These were the facts given short shrift by a mainstream media with tingles up their legs and pants-crease fetishes. These were the facts hidden from view by the hope, hype, hoopla, glitter, glamour, and celebrity poppycock.

When the president of the United States cannot accept responsibility for his own decisions (or lack thereof), then he sends a message to every young person in this country that “the dog ate my homework” is an acceptable excuse for doing nothing.

Yes, the president’s own blame game in his own heralded “new era of responsibility” has become so ubiquitous that Investor's Business Daily is waiting for the expectable Obama excuse: “Bo Ate My Recovery.” From IBD’s list of already-worn-very-thin Obama excuses we remember the blame targets: 24/7 Bush did it – all of it; ATMs steal jobs; Republicans stole the cookies; businesses that “sit on piles of cash” and refuse to hire are the bad guys; “splintered” media not totally under Obama’s control confuses people. And, finally, last week, the fallback excuse of no-accounts throughout the ages: “a run of bad luck.”

The cost to this country for electing a man with the work ethic of character Maynard G. Krebs is truly incalculable, not only in terms of work undone and opportunities lost, but also in the message of non-accountability hammered home to a whole generation of American youth.