The Five Biggest Reasons Republicans Keep Losing the Propaganda War

It never ceases to confound me, dear readers, how on earth Republicans keep losing America’s propaganda war.

How do we know they’re losing in the public’s perception?  Easy.

Ask yourself: when was the last time you freely discussed any conservative or even moderate political view with friends at work, or on campus, or in public, or at a large social gathering -- without hedging your every word? When? Can you identify a single recent instance when you felt your conservative or even moderate views would be tolerated without provoking name-calling or public shaming into the nearest corner of societal oblivion?

Everywhere one goes, save conservative websites, Republicans are widely connoted with tinges of racism, hate, selfishness, greed, war-mongering, and conspiratorial theocratic designs against democracy. Fox News has some opinion shows that try to give an ounce of conservative balance to the airwaves and they’ve paid for it with an all out war declared against them by leftist activists.

And, honey, any way one chooses to slice, dice, puree, or grind to bits this reality, it spells one thing for the Democrats:  VICTORY.

Democrats are nearly ubiquitously perceived -- key word, “perceived” -- as anti-racist, loving, un-selfish, generous, peace-making and unfailingly tolerant of all religions and all cultures. When conservatives outnumber liberals 2 to 1 among the electorate, and yet liberal views have achieved such dominance that they are perceived as dominant even in private settings, then Republicans are not only losing the propaganda war, they are all but missing in action.

How to fix this?  First, fully identify the problem.

Towards that goal, here is my top-5 list of why Republicans keep losing the propaganda war.