The Fantasy of the 'Fragile Muslim'

Immediately following the initial Islamist violence in Egypt and Libya, which has now spread throughout the Islamic world, the White House and Hillary Clinton’s State Department blamed a barely seen video that mocked the Prophet Mohammad. While a mainly compliant media reinforced this notion, some criticism has hit the public square. In response, the administration is doubling down on this notion of causation despite facts demonstrating the Muslim hostilities were pre-planned, tied to al-Qaeda, timed in part for 9/11, and so forth.

Why? A surface answer would suggest that, as a campaign matter, the administration is so invested in the notion of an “Arab Spring” that it can not permit the appearance of failure. President Obama’s foreign policy itself has centered upon the fantasy that his mere presence is sufficient to calm the Muslim world. It is easy to imagine the Axelrod/Plouffe team prancing around the Oval Office demanding that Americans, not Muslims, be the perpetrators.

A deeper psychological explanation is precisely what Obama has been well able to manipulate. For decades, the American mind has found innumerable ways to place itself as the cause of jihadist activities. The secret behind this maneuver is that it feeds the illusion that the threat is something we can control. That part of our minds so desperately frightened by the concept that we could have an enemy whose singular purpose is our destruction (the “Control Factor”) has developed an ingenious set of maneuvers in order to restore the fantasy that we actually can control this threat. As soon as any evidence of the threat pops up, the Control Factor quickly jumps in to stabilize the American internal emotional state. By consistently repeating the causal connection, the administration feeds our deep need. At bottom, if we caused the violence, we can always change ourselves and control it.

There is a less-explored explanation for the full-court press on tying the violence to the film. Obama has cleverly narrowed the definition of the threat we face to “violent extremists” (and al-Qaeda in particular). Following the killing of Osama bin Laden, Obama sold his “gutsy warrior” image in part for re-election purposes, in part to convey the battle is over. This approach, however, allows Obama, Clinton, and their press to ignore the more potent levels of threat we face: that of the civilization jihad (led by the Muslim Brotherhood to infiltrate all levels of our government and society until enough power is obtained to transform the U.S. from the inside and establish Shariah law) and the international institutional jihad (led primarily by the largest Islamic organization, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), to force similar changes from without). Both jihads are intended to proceed only as fast as they are able to stay true to their design and able to appear to the U.S. as gradual as to be non-existent; much like a frog would perceive slowly boiling water.

A fundamental precept of Shariah law is to forbid any criticism of Islam or Mohammad, and a major goal of these jihads is to erode our treasured freedom of expression. If we can not criticize Islam freely we can not control it; in fact, it will control us. Accordingly, in 2005 the OIC presented its “Ten Year Program of Action” which institutionalizes notions of “Islamophobia” and “extremism” in order to install speech restrictions on a global basis, including in the U.S. In 2011, Clinton colluded and co-sponsored Human Rights Council Resolution 16/18, which further institutionalizes “religious intolerance,” “religious hatred,” and “profiling.”