The End of Independence Day?

We are seeing even those small marks of personal pride and independence -- the freedom to rev up the engine on a Friday night -- taken away. The muscle cars, under the diktat of the president and head of General Motors, are simply being eliminated and replaced by Yugo-style cars. The common retort to my lament is that such a boost to the male ego is silly in light of global warming and the greater good. What I find alarming, though, is that today's generation submits to such authority.

And what about those from the upper-middle classes who had dreams of becoming doctors, executives, or entrepreneurs? As our president defies history and the Constitution by firing executives, citizens applaud.

Perhaps the most disturbing sight for me during the campaign -- even more than Obama before the mobs in Berlin -- was the corn-fed Midwestern couple starring on one of Obama's commercials. Those were the people that I grew up with -- salt of the earth. But I winced as I heard them tell Obama about their personal problems with bills and health care while soft music played in the background creepily.

They wanted him to take care of them. True to form, while North Korea conducted nuclear tests, Obama hailed his credit card reform -- as if we are incapable of reading the fine print or making a phone call on our own. While young protesters longing for fair elections died in the streets of Tehran, Obama signed a bill to protect us from cigarettes. Now Obama wants to tell us what medical procedures we should have, how much we should earn, and what kinds of cars we should drive.

What are the responses to complaints about such violations of our "unalienable right" to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness"? Frequent proclamations by the White House press secretary, by the secretary of state, and by the president himself of "we won." And during his June 23 press conference, when presented with criticisms about his response to Iranian protests, Obama royally proclaimed twice, "I'm president." So much for "of the people, by the people, and for the people." Now it's only the "people" who voted for Obama.

Perhaps what is most disturbing is the president's unprecedented ridicule and dismissal of citizens -- even for such things as their radio programs, by telling Republicans not to "listen to" Rush Limbaugh. And apparently "open communication" from the White House is only for Democrats, for I received only two emails when I signed up for the list before I was dropped. In light of such developments, the Department of Homeland Security's right-wing extremist memo, with its unfounded warnings about those who disagree with the administration, portends ill for those who don't march lockstep with Obama's dictates.

Say what you want and ridicule me the way our president does, but this naturalized citizen is looking over her shoulder on this Independence Day.