The Donkey Pins the Tail on Itself

3. Some employees currently eligible for Social Security retirement benefits should they retire, but who don't want to do so, may have no other choice due to layoffs. This will cause total federal outlays for Social Security retirement benefit to increase; the new retirees may not be happy living on monthly Social Security payments, significantly lower than the wages they are currently being paid.

Meanwhile, some things don't change much and the country is in the very best of hands.

Qui Bono?

The Democrats may benefit within their own base, those who rely on or are ideologically attached to our welfare state and to its kissing cousin, unions. However, if the Reid bill becomes law, the Democrats will "own" our economic dishevelment as never before. They insisted on it and got it over strong Republican objections. Republicans have a majority in only one house of the Congress and Democrats control both the Senate and the presidency. With two to one against, the Republicans did the best that could have been done to restore some semblance of sanity but the Democrats won. This is what their win will get for their potential voters: You bought a lottery ticket to win good stuff. Now all you have to show for it is a worthless ticket stub. We wonder who won the jackpot. Don't you? Bailouts, goodies for federal employees, goodies for foreign countries, United Nations apparatchiks and others but not you -- is that making your life better or worse? Perhaps President Obama, who has consistently led from the rear, will go down in history as the modern-day General Jubilation T. Cornpone, who led to the rear.

Many who in 2010 were solidly in President Obama's camp are hurting, very badly. Unemployment among blacks is very high -- significantly higher than for other ethnic groups.

The national unemployment rate in July for black males is 17.9 percent, as compared to 8.1 percent for white males and 11.9 percent for Hispanic males. For college-educated black males, the figure drops to 6.5 percent, which is still higher than the 2.9 percent rate for college-educated whites.

Black voters are tending away from President Obama, quite significantly. Republicans should also attract more independents, already tending in their direction. The Republicans will benefit with their own base, and not only the "Tea Party Terrorists." What about RINOs? Some may awaken and realize why the nation is in her present debilitated condition and inch a bit more toward the right; those who don't may discover that they no longer own their congressional seats.

If the economic situation has worsened come next year, as seems very likely, President Obama may not have a complete lock on the Democratic nomination; Senator Sanders of Vermont is "thinking about trying to encourage somebody to run against President Obama in a primary election, claiming the president has drifted toward Republican positions because "no one will stand up to him." There appears to be increasing leftist dissatisfaction with him for not keeping many of his campaign promises. This probably will not deny him the nomination, but it may well cause some of his former admirers to not bother voting for him. There may not be enough brain dead voters to reelect him. If the Republicans can mend their internecine divisions there should be an excellent chance of winning both houses of the Congress as well as the presidency.

The Democrats, by insisting that the nation spend more and more money and regulate business more and more into oblivion, unceasingly, have done a fine job of pinning the tail on themselves. The country will suffer for it and so will they. November of 2012 can't get here soon enough.