The Dishonest 'Tax Cut' Debate

In fact, here’s an ugly fact for those who want to wage class warfare on “the rich.” By “Hauser’s Law,” there is no correlation between tax rates and federal revenue as a percentage of gross domestic product. It is stuck, over the decades, at about 19%, which means that any static analysis from the CBO is guaranteed to be wrong, and worse than useless.

The implication, in fact, is that the only way to increase federal tax revenue (and close the deficit) is to grow the economy, which means not just avoiding an increase in tax rates on the most productive parts and members of it, but perhaps even lowering them. But that doesn’t satisfy the economically ignorant Democrats, who even as they slander Republicans as “terrorists” and “hostage takers” (which, like “racists,” “haters,” “liars,” etc., is simply typical psychological projection of the left), are holding the fate of the economy hostage to their own insistence on continuing to enviously demonize and punish those who ultimately grow it. The economy will not recover until these class warriors are marginalized, though, sadly, it may take another election to do so, and we’ll have to continue to suffer for at least another two years.