The Democrats' Health Care Scare Tactics

Even Democrat Max Baucus expressed concern:

"We are America, we are not Canada, we are not other countries, we are the United States of America," Baucus said. "It's a country of innovation, of entrepreneurship, 'Go west young man,' so we have to have our uniquely American health care solution, it has to be both public and private. My goal is to keep that mix of public and private, that uniquely American result with which a lot of Americans, the vast majority of Americans are very comfortable."

Thank you, Senator, for pointing out that the vast majority of Americans have health insurance and are happy with the care they are receiving.

Fifty percent of health-care costs are incurred in the last month of life and those costs rarely change the outcome of the patient's illness. In addition, most ailments in this society are brought on by behavioral choices. The amount of money we have spent over the years treating ailments brought on by abuse of alcohol, food, and nicotine is alarming. The government shouldn't regulate the purchase or intake of these things. People must take responsibility for their own actions. If you've smoked for 50 years and Medicaid stops paying for your $400-a-month respiratory medicine, you shouldn't complain. You had the money to smoke all those years; don't expect the government to take care of you when you did this to yourself. So while the government is having this debate, you should quit smoking, start walking, moderate your vices, and we'll all do better.

Fifteen years ago,  the public rose up and said, "We don't want government health care." President Obama has the numbers to get anything he and Speaker Pelosi want through Congress. What we need is health insurance that is portable from state to state as well as from business to business. We need to increase competition and we ought to be able to buy health insurance in the same way we purchase auto insurance. We need a free market solution that includes tax credits, portability, and choice.