The Cultural Pathway to Liberty

I am reading Mark Meckler and Jenny Beth Martin's new book Tea Party Patriots: The Second American Revolution. The chapter that I found most important was one entitled "The Cultural Pathway to Liberty." In previous chapters, the authors discuss how popular culture in the United States has "devolved from celebrating American values to largely vilifying them."

They discuss how the Tea Party movement can make a difference in our culture now. The first lesson? "First, we must engage our culture rather than abandon it to those who aim to tear it down." Individual actions matter, the authors say and supporting books and works of those filmmakers and authors who embrace liberty and have positive views of America are important. Many people (like myself) like non-fiction but Meckler and Martin say that it is also important to read fiction as well. Here, Andrew Klavan's books come to mind.

Organizations are also important for libertarian and conservatives to embrace, and they mention Bill Whittle, PJTV and others who are actively pursuing those millions of Americans who want something different than the typical liberal fare. "We don't have access to the Hollywood studio system. But we do have access to millions of patriotic Americans." These millions can't sit on the sideline.

Good points, I believe that culture changes politics, not the other way around. If we want to change politics, we must try to change the culture around us, one step at a time.