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The Crazy Idea that the President Is 'Leader' of the Country

In reality, that guy would not only be fired, he'd be sued. And, with a name like Barack Obama, probably deported. But because it isn't reality -- it's government -- we're somehow considering keeping him. Of course, would Mitt Romney understand his job as president any better? He has his plan to fix America, and if 90% of the plan isn't "stay out of everyone's way," he's overthinking it.

That's why the State of the Union address is a great idea: It’s a yearly update from the president on what he's doing. And the standard should be that if he's doing a good job, that’s the only time of the year we see him. If the president is constantly on TV, then obviously he's being a huge screw-up who needs too much supervision. Can him.

And we need to get out of the president's head the silly notion that he's our leader. If America wanted a leader, we would have a special set of feats a person would have to accomplish  in order to become that leader, like create a business, win a nacho-eating contest, and punch out a grizzly bear -- things that display Americanness. What we would not do is elect a leader through our usual democratic system, which does nothing but produce mediocre bureaucrats. Really, why would anyone think we should be inspired by those people? That's like being motivated by a slime mold.

But America doesn't need a leader, because we're a bunch of free people in charge of our own lives who can handle our own problems, as long as we have a president who knows enough to keep the government out of our way. We can create our own businesses and make our own jobs. We can drill for oil and lower gas prices. We can head to the Walgreens at any major intersection and buy our own birth control.

And if we really want to be inspired, we can buy a set of Tony Robbins tapes.