The Coveted Russian Dictator Endorsement: Putin Picks Obama

When asked about the prosecution of the Pussy Riot performance artists, Putin made one of the most extraordinary declarations by a world leader in human history. He trashed Pussy Riot as homophobes, xenophobes, and anti-Semites, and then as pornographers who engage in public orgies. Then he stated:

You know some fans of group sex say it’s better than one-on-one because, like in any teamwork, you don’t need to hit the ball all the time.

Putin also rallied to the defense of international outlaw Julian Assange, a Russia Today employee, calling his trial “politically motivated” and an “evident double standard.” So shut up about the fact that Putin has railroaded his two leading political rivals into prison.

Putin knew his remarks were to be broadcast to the Western world, yet he chose to speak like a street hooligan. The reason for this is simple: Putin knows he now has unchecked power for life.  Indeed, he just changed the rules so that he can serve until the age of 70, giving rise to what the Moscow Times called “Brezhnev-style gerontocracy.” Just like Brezhnev, Putin can do whatever he wants, and he’s enjoying the privilege.

And it’s all thanks to Obama, who obligingly helped Putin maintain the Potemkin “presidency” of Medvedev long enough for Putin to consolidate his return to power. So now, of course, Putin would like nothing more than to return the favor.