The Consequences of Media Failure: Demopaths Setting the Global Agenda

Mind you, it's not like Rosemary is a wallflower, incapable of interrupting people and giving them a hard time. Here she is with Israeli spokeswoman Miri Eisin during the Lebanon war of 2006.

Not only will she interrupt, she'll do so with a ludicrous claim that Israel could just shoot the thousands of rockets coming from Lebanon out of the sky -- no need to endanger Lebanese civilians even if Hizbullah uses them as human shields. Eisin is in such profound "apologetic" mode that it doesn't even occur to her to say something like: "Excuse me? What did you say? Where are you getting your information?"

So rather than challenge his comparison of Israel to the Nazis and Gaza to a concentration camp, Rosemary reads him Mark Regev's comment that Gaza is not in a state of humanitarian crisis and asks for his response -- which essentially is a repeat of his previous remarks, with emphasis on "love for the whole world."

By this point in time, the footage of the fellows on Qashoo's boat singing a jihadi song -- promising the Jews that Muhammad's army was coming back to do to them what he did to the Jews of Khaybar (i.e., massacre the men and sell the women and children into slavery) -- was released.

And if she, or anyone else at CNN, had done their homework and looked carefully, they would have seen Osama himself waving his fist with the rest of the peace-loving group.

In other words, Qashoo is a particularly unambiguous case of a demopath: someone who presents himself and his companions as pacifists and lovers of humanity even as he chants jihadi songs about wiping out whole populations. Even to Church he shows his hand, by claiming that nothing will stop them, and that they will treat the Israelis as pirates if they try. Demopathy is perhaps jihad’s greatest weapon, precisely because we are so receptive to claims of good will and peaceful intent. Identifying demopaths is one of the most pressing needs of the 21st century, and one of the reasons for that importance is that behind the demopathic façade that invokes human rights and respect for the Muslim minority lies another reality.

This song the fellows on the Mavi Marmara were singing is not just an oddity of that group. It’s a chant of global jihad, sung right under the noses of progressive protesters in the U.S., in the streets of Europe, and around the world. Perhaps the most notable occasion was in London in February 2006, when crowds promising the Europeans a holocaust chanted it in front of the Danish Embassy. These folks made no bones about their intention: their signs promised to bring Europe its very own, well-deserved holocaust. The poetic fancy of the ditty, translated into the European idiom, was visible on a number of signs:


If Church, or anyone at that billion-dollar operation, had done even the slightest amount of research, she could have embarrassed Osama with some well-chosen questions. Of course it doesn’t help that the current administration doesn’t even want to discuss these matters.

Church, therefore, along with many others, cannot identify a demopath lying to her face, and certainly cannot flush one out with well-informed, hard questions. Indeed, rather than pursue Qashoo’s threat to treat the Israelis as pirates as a clue to his intentions, she actually eggs him on: “Well, Osama, Israel does want to stop you.”