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The Climate-Change Ambulance Chasers

But irony-challenged groups like “Institute for Public Accuracy” and “Forecast the Facts” are never ones to allow reality to intrude on their destructive economic agendas. They remain the Left’s version of Jerry Falwell, who blame the wrath of the storms on humankind’s sins. Just in time for Halloween, they remain ever at the fore to scare us out of our modern lifestyles.

Meanwhile, if it hadn’t already been laid low by the disclosure a few months ago by Keith Briffa of the data that went into his larch thermometry, the good researcher from the Climate Research Unit, perhaps repenting of his own climate sins, seems to have dealt a final death blow to the poor, beleaguered Michael Mann’s hockey stick. What’s worse for the warm mongers, he and his co-author resurrected the Medieval Warm Period. As the indispensable Anthony Watts notes:

Look at graph 5c, and you’ll see 20th century warmth matches peaks either side of the year 1000, and that for the TRW chronology 20th century warmth is less than the spike around 1750. This puts 20th century (up to 2006 actually) warmth in the category of just another blip. There’s no obvious hockey stick, and the MWP returns, though approximately equal to 20th century warmth rather than being warmer.

…I have to wonder if this is some sort of attempt to “come clean” on the issue. Mann must be furious at the timing. There’s no hint of a hockey stick, and no need to splice on the instrumental surface temperature record or play “hide the decline” tricks with this data.

The timing referred to here is Professor Mann’s filing of a defamation law suit last Monday against National Review, Mark Steyn, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, and Yours Truly, though I am not at liberty to comment further, on advice of counsel. But readers are of course free to speculate on the implications of this for any trial, should it actually occur.

Between this and the aforementioned climate ambulance chasers, one might almost say that this is a perfect storm for them all.