The Chimp Cartoon: When Race Becomes Monkey Business

After all, it is Nancy Pelosi, San Francisco's plastic-faced crypt keeper, who is speaker of the house. She is responsible for creating this orgy of special interest payoffs. President Obama merely went back on a half-dozen campaign promises in signing this train wreck into law. He did not author the bill, and much of the criticism leveled against the neophyte president is due to the fact that he was such a weak leader and did not play a more meaningful role in stripping the pork from the bill.

Of course Stein shouldn't be forgiven. He, Al Sharpton, and other race-baiters on the left are once again attempting to fool their easily-led compatriots into a two-minute rage based upon what they know is a lie.

They do so because promoting a lie to put a critic on the defensive is all they can presently do to deflect attention from legitimate criticism of a horrific spending bill that even Democrats are starting to regret signing.

The only question is whether or not Democrats are going to be wise enough to note that the boys who cried "Racist!" are trying to lead them by the nose yet again. Can they once again be so easily prodded into off-base indignation? Or will there finally be a substantive disgust and backlash against those who would whip up racial strife to cover for their own rhetorical and philosophical impotence?