The Blind Side of Hollywood Liberals

It’s a shame, then, that The Blind Side is not the story of a kid with no prospects who managed to make it to the top, but rather an epic of self-congratulation about a white family that essentially made Michael their pet. In a high school football scene, Michael can’t quite figure out what an offensive tackle is supposed to do -- until Leigh Anne marches in, swats the coach aside (what coach would allow this?), and briskly explains to Michael that he should pretend the quarterback is -- she! Michael would never let anything bad happen to her, would he? He would stop anybody who tried to put a hand on her, right? Well, then: He should just treat the quarterback like his new adoptive mommy. From that moment on, Michael becomes an outstanding football player. But the scene induces cringes. Can Michael have really been so obtuse as not to understand that his job was to protect the quarterback?

The film contains several oddly off-kilter little jabs at conservatives. For instance, Sean Tuouhy, played by Tim McGraw, says it’s odd that his family should have a black son before ever meeting a Democrat, a line seemingly written by the kind of liberal who imagines that Southerners are as cloistered and isolated from opposing viewpoints as residents of Beverly Hills.

In another scene, set at one of those dreary government offices where bored civil servants provide occasional slow-motion service to frustrated citizens, Leigh Anne demands to know who is in charge. The clerk points, in a non-sequitur nonpareil, to a portrait of then-president George W. Bush. No doubt the lines at government offices are now moving as quickly as the ones at McDonald’s. After all, there’s a dynamic liberal in the White House.

Can it be that The Blind Side is overcompensating a bit, making references to the Tuohys being Republicans and razzing Bush, because it is so thoroughly a liberal fantasy? Isn’t the way the Tuohys treat Oher -- as their hapless, grateful, willing little saint who does what he’s told instead of a flawed, complex human being with personality and opinions and decisions all his own -- the quintessence of how wealthy liberals see poor blacks?