The Battle for America 2010: The Wave Keeps Building


Key Races: Governor, U.S. Senate

Tim Daniel reporting:

Last week, Democrats in California brought out Bill Clinton to stump for Jerry Brown and Gavin Newsom in Los Angeles and Loretta Sanchez in Orange County. Sarah Palin and RNC Chairman Michael Steele traveled to Anaheim to rally Republicans. I was not able to attend the L.A. rally for the Democrats or the Orange County Republican event, but I did make it to Santa Ana to catch Bill Clinton speechifying for Loretta Sanchez.

I taped the following segment in which Clinton rallies the Democrats gathered by scapegoating boogeyman GOP policies to cut the federal government and contrasts Sanchez and her Republican opponent Van Tran, particularly on immigration:

I recorded this segment of Clinton's speech in which he says, "Vote for Loretta because she voted for the stimulus." He then continues to list other supposed Sanchez policy achievements:

I shot this picture during Clinton's speech. Loretta Sanchez took on an almost a girlish-crush look as he spoke. (She is dressed in blue behind him):


And this picture I snapped highlights the significant Secret Service presence at the event:


It is worth noting that Bill Clinton's appearance in Orange County only brought out about 1,000 people, many of whom were die-hard party faithful and union members. A few Van Tran supporters were also in attendance. Although he is a great orator (no teleprompter in sight), I found his 38-minute speech to be quite boring. He blamed George W. Bush for the economic crisis, saber-rattled the GOP, chastised the tea party movement as extreme, needlessly wandered into policy minutiae, and nearly begged Democrats to "not give up hope" this November. He simply took too much on and could have cut the speech in half.

It was interesting to witness just how much more personable and at ease the former president is than President Obama. The Democratic audience hung to every word; women in the audience even swooned as the speech ended and he took off his blazer and mingled with the crowd.

Another high note for the week occurred during the final debate between Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman. Moderator Tom Brokaw questioned Jerry Brown about the infamous "whore" comment made by someone tied to his campaign and things got interesting.

From the debate:

Tom Brokaw -- "We've heard no outrage from you on the use of that kind of language which to many women is the same as calling an African American the N-word."

Jerry Brown -- "I don't agree with that comparison ... Number two, this is a five week old, private conversation picked up on a cell phone... ."

Beyond the exchange above, the day after the debate the National Organization for Women asked for the Brown associate who called Meg Whitman a whore to be fired. Should Jerry Brown just divorce his wife then? Also, California's NOW president called Whitman a "political whore" the same day.

Rasmussen came out later in the week showing that the Senate race is still a statistical tie. Boxer gets 49% and Fiorina is at 46%. The latest Reuters/Ipsos poll shows Boxer up by 1%. Rasmussen also shows Jerry Brown coming in at 49% to Meg Whitman's 44%, perhaps reflecting nannygate fallout. However, the poll does not reflect whoregate.

On the results above, fellow Golden State resident Roger L. Simon asks, "Is California Insane?" Yes, unfortunately it is, Mr. Simon, but I wouldn't be counting my Democratic chickens before they've hatched.


The Vietnamese Are Coming! -- Van Tran and Loretta Sanchez debated on KOCE-TV in Huntington Beach. Tran hit his stride associating Sanchez's record with the Obama agenda of debt and deficits, and quipped that Sanchez needed a teleprompter for her opening and closing statements! Also, a new Public Opinion Strategies poll has the race at a tie.

Big Handshake in Little Saigon -- Orange County Supervisor Janet Nguyen endorsed Van Tran which will help Vietnamese turnout in CD-47.

CA Gubernatorial Candidate Arrested -- No, it wasn't Whitman or Brown but Greeny-Weenie Party's Laura Wells .

Money, Root of all Evil? -- John Dennis has raised three times more cash than Nancy Pelosi in the last three months. Nancy Pelosi claims to not have time to debate Dennis because "time is money."

High Times no More and the Feds -- High Times writer arrested and Eric Holder's Justice Department promises to enforce federal drug law if Proposition 19 passes.

A Steely-Eyed Sarracuda in the OC - I noted that Sarah Palin headlined "Victory 2010" in Anaheim. Don't miss Andrew Breitbart's rousing speech, as well as RNC Chairman Michael Steele's. Assemblyman Van Tran spoke as well.