The Battle for America 2010: A Barnburner of a Race in Pennsylvania 12

Another issue that Burns feels strongly on is government spending. It is no secret that government spending is out of control.

The liberal majority in Washington is simply blind to the damage their reckless spending is doing to our economy and the disastrous consequences it will have for future generations. We have to immediately cut wasteful spending, end the bailouts and frivolous giveaways and get back to the fundamental rule that we cannot spend more than we have.

The Democratic Party has repeatedly attacked Burns, accusing him of shipping jobs overseas. But Burns denies that:

Western Pennsylvanians have been hit hard by the recession and far too many families are still struggling to make ends meet. I will work tirelessly to promote private sector job creation and expand commerce and prosperity in western Pennsylvania. People across the district are tired of rhetoric without results. I have a proven record of creating good-paying jobs and will take the same pro-growth approach to Washington.

Creating jobs for western Pennsylvanians is ultimately the one issue that Burns believes is going to make or break this election. Mark Critz has also made fixing the economy and creating jobs his top priority. Critz believes that Wall Street and big banks have been the center of the bailout for too long. While these big banks continue to receive help, hardworking individuals in western Pennsylvania continue to struggle. He has a plan that will protect existing jobs and create new ones. Critz and Burns both agree that western Pennsylvania will benefit from the creation and protection of coal and natural gas jobs.

Burns has hit Critz hard for working for Murtha without ever mentioning the late congressman’s name. He made reference to Murtha’s ethics and scandals related to campaign donations, government contracts, and congressional earmarks. With a loss in the special election, does Burns have what it takes to knock the Democratic incumbent off?

This November’s election will be a heated debate on government spending, health care reform, and job creation. In a district known for its surprises, the November election will determine if this predominantly Democratic district will stray from the norm and elect a Republican to office.