The Ayers-Weatherman Terrorist Attack as It Might Have Happened

Any plausible link between a Republican presidential candidate and someone like Eric Robert Rudolph or Timothy McViegh would unleash a torrent of feverish reporting from the mainstream media, detailing every nuance and every possible shadowy link between them. The New York Times, however, stubbornly sits on a treasure trove of their original reporting that captured the facts and circumstances of the leftist bombs that exploded in a Greenwich Village bomb factory 38 years ago.

They have spent an untold amount of time, money, and resources to send reporters to the other end of the continent to report every possible thinly sourced or blatantly fraudulent rumor about Sarah Palin and John McCain. But The Democratic nominee for president has close personal ties to a well-known terrorist and they can't be bothered to send an intern down the hall into their own archives to develop a report about Barack Obama's partner, Bill Ayers.

The New York Times and many other news organizations have dropped even the illusion of objectivity in their reporting this electoral cycle. They are more than willing to regurgitate Barack Obama's tale of terrorist leader and reputed bomb-builder Bill Ayers as just a guy in his neighborhood who did some bad things when Obama was a child.

It seems they do not care that Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorhn, Barack Obama's original fundraisers, are unrepentant, bloodthirsty terrorists who led an organization that declared war against the United States and attempted to carry out the largest terrorist attack in American history.

Charlie Gibson has the time to find a doctored quote to attribute accusingly, and Brian Ross and the ABC News investigative team has an entire microsite dedicated to Tasergate, but none seem to have ever heard of Barack Obama and Bill Ayers, and their shared involvement on the board of the Woods Fund.

CNN can dispatch Roland Martin and other commentators in defenses of Obama's incendiary pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright, but can't seem to find anyone willing to examine Obama's long-term association with a man who designed incendiary devices.

As for the very real possibility that Obama and Ayers conspired together to funnel $160 million dollars of Chicago Annenberg Challenge grant money and matching funds into programs designed for radical left wing indoctrination instead of education -- in effect, stealing the future from an entire generation of Chicago school children -- CBS, NBC, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times and the New York Times simply don't care.

That the current Democratic nominee has an extensive and politically lucrative 21-year relationship with a man that led a terrorist organization that formally declared war against the United States, killed law enforcement officers, bombed public government buildings, and plotted the most massive terrorist strike in the first 194 years of our nation's history should be the dominate story screaming from every network newscast, 24-hour cable news channel, newspaper headline, and opinion page.

That it isn't, simply underlies how far our media has fallen.