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The Audacity of Notes

Subject: FAIR HOUSING: tell Congress to end housing disparity!

Dear Friend,

Brace yourself.

Did you know that some indecently opulent lawn ornaments in Florida could have paid for a decent home for a struggling middle-class family in Ohio?

Congress can stop this right away -- but not without your help.

We need you to use your email, Facebook, and Twitter to tell Congress to ban private homes and make living in private residences a felony punishable by heavy fines and/or imprisonment. Demand that the lawmakers do the right thing and put an end to the glaring injustice of housing disparity.

A fairer approach, deserving of a just and advanced society, is to move all citizens to government housing facilities built in UN-approved, environmentally compliant areas, where they would no longer need to worry about mortgages, property taxes, maintenance and repairs, or owning a private vehicle.

Not only will this save innumerable gallons of water currently wasted on private lawns; such a plan will also dramatically improve the quality of garbage collection and recycling, as well as streamline all other government programs, such as feeding humans and their pets by designated government caretakers, monitoring their behavior for possible violations, and transporting their offspring to government-supervised educational, recreational, and nutritional care centers.

While this plan will require that all of us begin to pay a little more in taxes, it will surely be offset by not having material, and often emotional, costs associated with living in an individual residence. As an added bonus, citizens whose housing and nutritional needs are provided by the government will have a lot more free time on their hands to contact Congress via email, Facebook, and Twitter to demand more government programs.

Citizens whose government takes care of all their needs are the really free citizens. Remember that only by empowering the government can we liberate the middle class and other struggling communities from the need to take care of themselves. This, friends, is the true liberty envisioned for us by the founders.

Michelle and Barack Obama need your help to bring this vision to life. They want you to know that everything they have done so far would have been impossible without your help.

Share with us your personal stories and tell us why you would like the government to provide food and shelter for you and your pet. We will make sure Congress sees your testimonies and takes immediate action.

If Congress fails to act, this fight doesn't end tomorrow. We'll just need to put even more pressure on Republicans to pass the president's balanced plan. Join this fight now.


This message is brought to you by Michelle and Barack Obama's campaign to raise awareness about how much they care.

(Thumbnail based on a modified Shutterstock.com image.)