The All-American PJ Media Election Prediction Lollapalooza

No pundit worth their salt will avoid giving predictions in election season. I'm sure it's a written rule somewhere. Perhaps Westbrook Pegler even said it back in the day.

Regardless, part of being a pundit is going out on a limb, exposing yourself to potential ridicule. Unless you're Dick Morris or David Brooks, people will line up to remind you how wrong you were and few will give you credit if you happen to be mostly right.

Yes, punditry is a thankless job, performed by humble, ego-less, saintly men and women who are called to the pen to inform, educate, browbeat, and hammer the people into doing what's right. And part of their mission is to inform the voter who is going to win and who is going to lose elections. It is a sacred duty, and pundits take it as seriously as they would choosing the right wine with dinner or what movie to order from Netflix.

To be clear, most pundits know less about the outcome of a specific election than your average 3-year-old orangutan. But pundits have the advantage in this matchup. Most orangutans can't talk and contradict them.

Following are the election predictions of several PJ Media columnists, contributors, and editors. We offer this distilled wisdom of the ages free of charge and with no obligation on your part. Snarky commenters will be hunted down ruthlessly and punished severely.

And that goes double for you 3-year-old orangutans. -- Rick Moran

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Roger Simon is co-founder of PJ Media and an Academy Award nominated screenwriter. 

I don’t do predictions well -- I’m no Nostradamus, nor do I play him on TV -- so I’m going to use this opportunity to make some people angry.  Sorry.  (Yes, I’ll give a perfunctory prediction at the end.)

Start with this: How many elections being contested Tuesday should the Republicans win? Obvious answer given the execrable state of our country and the world under the justifiably reviled and unpopular Obama administration -- all of them.

Nevertheless, by most reports, this is going to be a relatively close election.  In any case, it will be far from all of them.

This is embarrassing, considering the current administration really couldn’t be any worse.  (Well, maybe if they made Ayatollah Khamenei secretary of Defense -- and I wouldn’t be surprised.)  If not now, when?

So what accounts for this failure?

The Republicans -- Tea Party and RINO -- are really dreadful at public relations, outreach or even at communicating in the most elementary way with the vast middle of American society.  Republicans, in a word, are clueless, even though in almost all instances they have the right ideas.  This is a “failure to communicate” that would make Strother Martin blush.

All GOP leaders (again RINO and Tea Party -- I’m not going to name names because I have enough enemies already) seem to be able to do is preach to the choir. How boring is that? Yes, I know it may bring out the hardcore that didn’t vote for Romney last time (how does that look now), but it doesn’t do much else.

In other words, under these circumstances, we deserve to lose.

Of course, I hope to God we don’t.  And it’s clear the times favor us, even though we’re hopeless.

My prediction:  Senate 52R-48D.  House: Republicans pick up 7-8 seats.