The 7 Reasons Carly Fiorina Should Get the Republican Nomination for President

Carly Fiorina[Note from Scott Ott: The presidential primary process doesn't help us to decide who's qualified to bear the party standard, and to serve as chief executive. It's just our way of crushing the hopes and dreams of anyone who dares poke head from hole. Because you already know all of the reasons why every candidate, and potential candidate, has no right to expect the nomination, I'm going to write an utterly one-sided series on why each one should get it.]

Today's nominee: Carly Fiorina. (If you're concerned that I'm not providing fair and balanced analysis, I'm sure the folks in the comment section will compensate for my deficiency.)

To prepare for this Herculean task, I have watched speeches and, in this case, read Carly Fiorina's latest book, "Rising to the Challenge."

Why Carly Fiorina Should Be the Republican Nominee

1. Positive Vision: Fiorina's refrain is her belief in "human potential" which she says is squelched by big government -- from the poverty factories we call public schools, to the shackles of entitlement dependency, to the mighty headwinds of regulation that stifle entrepreneurism and competition, to the hand-in-glove relationship of big business with big government. She loves the innovation that springs from liberty, and speaks eloquently of its power to fuel prosperity.

Carly Fiorina when she was battling cancer in November 2009 Carly Fiorina, when she was battling cancer in November 2009. She has been cancer-free for more than five years.

2. Compelling Personal Story: A law-school dropout, Fiorina became a "Kelly girl" doing temp work, until someone noticed her potential. Focusing her abilities, she rose through the ranks to become CEO of the world's largest technology company. Eight months before announcing her maiden run for office, she was slammed with breast cancer that led to a double mastectomy. Fiorina also lost an adult daughter to addiction. Still, she and her faithful husband of three decades soldiered on. Her story will connect with voters, and help neutralize that Democratic meme that Republicans are the silver-spoon gang. Many conservatives bridle at the whole "personal story" pishposh, forgetting perhaps that we have a president now who ascended to the seat buoyed by little else. For all of our rationality, we must never forget that most folks think with their hearts first.