The 10 Most Disturbing Palestinian Propaganda Videos

10. The Al-Dura Libel

As the war in Gaza rages, Hamas—the Palestinian terror organization that rules Gaza and also enjoys great popularity in the West Bank—is naturally resorting to propaganda imagery to try to portray Israel as a vicious, immoral slayer of civilians. Of course, some Gazan civilians are getting killed and injured—for reasons that many have pointed out, particularly Hamas’s systematic use of the civilian population as human shields.

Palestinian propaganda has a long and inglorious history, and now is a good time to look at the most egregious examples and get an idea of what Israel is up against. Along with the “Pallywood” genre of fraudulent claims against Israel, both Hamas and the Palestinian Authority, the Fatah-led government of the West Bank, systematically cultivate outright hatred of Israel and Jews.

The case of the supposed killing of the Palestinian boy Muhammad al-Dura by Israeli forces in a September 2000 firefight in Gaza was Pallywood’s greatest triumph, because the alleged crime was used to incite a whole population into murderous rage and attacks against Israelis. But as was proved by the intrepid French media analyst Philippe Karsenty and others, the charge was a fraud; not only could al-Dura not possibly have been shot by the Israeli troops because of their physical location, but it turned out he was not shot—or killed—at all. See al-Dura’s supposedly dead form miraculously “move” at 2:40, and note the total absence of blood.