The 10 Best Moments from the Smart Girl Summit 2014

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Earlier this month, I had the privilege of attending the Smart Girl Summit in Atlanta as a writer, thanks to an invitation from the amazing Lisa De Pasquale. When I saw the roster and agenda, I knew I couldn't pass up the opportunity. After this conference, I'm more excited about the future of the right, particularly about the women in the fight against the oppressive agenda of the progressives in this country. Kudos to Stacy Mott, Teri Christoph, and everybody involved in putting the summit together. Here are the ten best moments of the event. I hope you'll read these quotes and come away as inspired as I was.


10. K. Carl Smith On Frederick Douglass Republicans

K. Carl Smith of the Frederick Douglass Republicans spoke in the morning about his organization. He buttered up the ladies in the room with an introduction of:

"When I get a chance to speak to women, I go speak. I understand why, at the Resurrection, the angel appeared to women, because they have this natural networking ability. And I believe women are going to save this country."

Smith shared his organization's intriguing strategy for engaging minorities by relating Frederick Douglass' message of freedom with the modern emphasis on liberty:

"We’re in a fight for our lives. And the conservative movement needs to find a way to engage family members, friends, and fellow citizens, and to change hearts and minds. Most Americans agree with us, so why do we have such a problem attracting minorities? We have the best message, but we're losing the propaganda battle. We need to engage."

"We need to make Frederick Douglass a part of the conservative movement. The political insights of Frederick Douglass are more important than the insights of the Founding Fathers. The Founding Fathers gave us the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, but the left plays on the fact that the Founding Fathers held slaves. On the other hand, Frederick Douglass was a slave, and in his speeches he confirmed the Founding Fathers. The left doesn’t have an answer to that."

"The greatest unused advantage on the right are white conservatives because nobody has taught them to engage. We don’t have a message problem, we have a messaging problem. Don’t believe that because you are a white conservative you can’t engage. When you say you're a Frederick Douglass Republican, you can engage."