That's No Moon: That's Obamacare!

It's looking pretty bad for Democrats in the midterm elections. President Obama’s approval rating finally reflects his actual ability, the economy has been a huge mess for so long that people are starting to wonder if it's not Bush's fault anymore, and in foreign affairs Obama is no more threatening than a toddler holding a red crayon and threatening to draw lines. No longer do Democrats even dream of recapturing the House -- all they hope for now is to not lose many more seats, and they expect to fight tooth-and-nail to keep the Senate. It seems all but certain that Obama will spend his last two years remembering fondly the time when he was only a lame duck.

And this would all be true except that Democrats have one weapon up their sleeves that can help them win it all in the midterms: Obamacare.

You may point out that Obamacare is hugely unpopular, to which I say, "Exactly!" And you may also note how it’s so flawed that it's constantly being delayed, which is precisely my point.

You see, Obamacare is unlike anything this country has ever experienced before; I think we're all still struggling to comprehend it. It is a massive piece of legislation passed by the Democrats alone during the blessed progressive utopia when the Democrats controlled the presidency, House, and Senate for all of two years. And this wholly-owned-by-Democrats legislation was an arrogant, massive overreach of government power -- with a seventh of the economy being taken over by people so incompetent with money that they probably couldn't run a lemonade stand without posting millions in losses.

Republicans expected it to be a big disaster, but even its harshest critics were unprepared for how breathtakingly horrible Obamacare would be. I mean, we conservatives always joke with each other about how completely awful politicians are, but in our heart of hearts we still assumed that their own humanity would motivate them to show at least a modicum of competence. Oh, how wrong we were. The website seemed to have been designed by people who hadn't touched the internet since the time they’d gotten confused by their CompuServe accounts. And then there are these constant delays in implementation of the law, as if the people who designed Obamacare hadn't even imagined all the extremely obvious consequences of their mandates. And they're being so weaselly reporting the number of people who have actually paid for a plan as if they can trick math into not making the whole thing collapse.

And you're probably nodding along, saying, "Yes. Obamacare is awful. It's going to hurt the Democrats hugely in the midterms."

You're still not getting it.

Let's say there is some intergalactic empire, and it makes a massive space station. The idea of the space station is that it will fire a beam at any planet, and that beam will rejuvenate and heal the planet's environment. But the empire completely messes it up, and the first time they fire the beam at a planet, it blows it up. So do the people responsible for this just say, "This is a disaster! People hate planets being blown up! No one will want to listen to the Empire anymore!"? No, they rename the space station the Death Star and rule through fear.