That Didn't Take Long: Inversion Narrative Appears the Day After

Have you heard the “warnings” for Republicans in the aftermath of a national repudiation of Democrats? Odd, that. Why in the world would all the “chatter” be about how this is going to impact the party that just kicked butt and took names?

This is all part of the Inversion Narrative. It is easy to get sucked into a false narrative, and it is all that the leftists have been offering since Tuesday night: fallacies and fraudulent notions.

There has not been such an intentionally divisive, arrogant, smug, pedantic, closed-minded, and hamfisted combination of Congress, Senate, and White House in my lifetime -- which spans back to Ike -- as we have witnessed the past two years. This week, the American people overwhelmingly and resoundingly repudiated their "mission," dismantled their coalition, and rejected their "mandate."

And, if both sides understand nothing else, it is imperative that they understand this: Independents abandoned the Pelosi/Reid/Obama/Frank “movement” overwhelmingly. Republicans and Democrats can and do “set the agenda,” but independents move the needle in every national election. If either side ignores or rejects that fact, they will pay the price.

Obama got that needle to move in his direction in 2008 very effectively. He said the right things and hit the right notes. Then he took office, and butchered the good will, shredded the trust, and obliterated the connection with the independents. It was Obama, Pelosi, and Reid who shattered that "compromise" with those very independents. It is the job of the Democrats to win those independents back.

To suggest that independents are too stupid to realize what phony gestures were being hurled at them is simpleminded. They desperately wanted to believe in a healer, a centrist, all those high notes that Obama sang. Some like me saw many serious, dangerous signs and signals to buy into the soothing words, and others took a leap of faith.

That leap landed with a thud. Pelosi has an 8% approval rating with independents. Root canal surgery and urinary catheterization rate higher than that. Reid is so unpopular in his own state, he had to drag casino pit bosses into polling booths by the hair to salvage his career. Union thuggery aside, independents have issued a song line of their own to Reid: “Harry: keep the change.”

The Republicans are not under pressure to compromise. They are under pressure to be conservatives.