Thanks, Russia, but We'll Mock Obama Without Your Help

The amount of militant nationalism and xenophobia Putin has been able to whip up inside Russia would have made Hitler look like an amateur. While no true patriot would support a regime that is destroying his country like cancer, in new Orwellian Russia the "patriots" are the ones running the country into the ground. As they hysterically pledge to fight "fascism" everywhere, they support everything that fascism stands for. Even their enormous pride over Russia's victory over the Nazi Germany in WWII has become indistinguishable from the pride of a gang of soccer hooligans who beat up an opposing gang that dared root for the other team.

The Putin media's calculated national-chauvinist propaganda is causing many a Russian to simmer with righteous anger over America's "imperialist" policies, as every latest "news report" sets off a tsunami of neurotic online comments and, perhaps, as many stomach ulcers. On a better day we might pity these people as victims of media brainwashing, but their passion and their massive support of their president's foreign policies make them a force to be reckoned with.

Today's average media consumer in Russia believes that the recent Ukrainian revolution (and all other "color" revolutions around their borders) was engineered and paid for by America with the sole purpose of hurting Russia, destroying its spirit, conquering its land, and taking over its natural resources.

The majority of Russians now believe that the CIA and the State Department had planted their agents in Ukraine in order to spread Russophobia and stage a bloody "fascist" coup. They believe that the Pentagon is now arming and training Ukrainians to kill ethnic Russians, having effectively split the brotherly Slavic nations and turned them on one another. Why? "They just hate us because we're Russians." Sound familiar?

These quixotic delusions motivate Russian "patriots" to sneak into eastern Ukraine and shoot at ordinary Ukrainians while imagining they're fighting "fascists." The worst Don Quixote could do with his spear was damage a windmill thinking it was an evil giant. Armed with anti-aircraft missiles, his paranoid Russian counterparts have shot down a Malaysian airliner.

It doesn't even occur to the brainwashed Russian supremacists that all the crimes that the Kremlin's propaganda is falsely attributing to America, Russia is doing in real life, point by point. It is actually Russia that sends agents to a sovereign county, arms violent thugs, spreads ethnic hatred, creates the appearance of a popular uprising that is really controlled by military intelligence, and orchestrates bloodshed in order to achieve its imperialist geopolitical goals.