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Thanking God for What Makes Us Exceptional

These people are part of the inner circle. They are useful to the regime in power, just as a certain member of the Communist party in my father’s village who owned the only car there in 1969 was. The others?

Well, the name “Tito” was whispered in the privacy of a home (built according to the architectural plan established by the government). But here in the U.S.A. we had average citizens dressing down a turncoat senator at a townhall meeting!

When I see a photo of Janet Napolitano I see Josef Broz Tito. Big Sis ordered her agents to be on the lookout for those like me, who place “Don’t Tread on Me” bumper stickers on their cars.

Many immigrants from Eastern European countries could not understand how Americans could have elected Obama. Well, our historical memory was wiped clean by the educationists, so that we could not see the threat in our midst.

But then as the emperor kept lecturing, hectoring, blaming, ridiculing, and prodding, he provoked the "sleeping giant" and that was the American spirit.

While some like Debra Saunders rationalize invasive body searches of law-abiding American citizens, there is still an instinctive reaction to such government tyranny. We’ve had two years of an onslaught of government experts imposing their regulations on us, expanding executive power, breaking promises, coddling terrorists, and passing legislation in the dead of night.

A law-abiding, generous, welcoming people can take only so much from a government that flatters its enemies, disparages its own citizens, ignores criminality, and seeks to institute itself in every facet of citizens’ lives.  There is still something in the American character that shudders at the picture of a long line of docile people being herded into a transportation conveyance, while indifferent, ill-educated government employees ogle, prod, and poke their bodies. They understand what such government invasion means psychologically and spiritually, how it demoralizes a brave and free people. We may be boarding 747s instead of cattle cars, but the American spirit rebels. We know there are better ways, like arming ourselves.

There has been a “long train of abuses” over these last two years.  There are still some like Congressman-elect Allen West who see these and say, “Pick up your bayonets” and “CHARGE!”

Isn’t it amazing that someone whose forebears were slaves could strike such a chord among free Americans and inspire them to elect him as their representative? It could happen in no other country. We still speak out and speak honestly.  We still sit tall in the saddle. We still have our six-guns at our sides. We will not be prodded and herded along. This is American exceptionalism, what makes us different.

I thank God for that.