Texas Governor's Race: Greg Abbott Blasts Washington, Launches 'Working Texans' Plan

abbott-brownsvilleAUSTIN -- By most measurements, Texas' economy is performing well ahead of most of the other large states and outpaces the national economy. The "Texas miracle" is attracting about 1,000 interstate immigrants to the Lone Star State every day and the state dominates annual rankings of which states are the best places to raise a family, own a home and be in business.

But Texas can still do better, and frontrunning GOP candidate Greg Abbott detailed how today. In a speech in Brownsville, Abbott introduced his "Working Texans" plan to promote economic growth and strengthen the fiscal health of state and local governments across the state.

"The building block of a strong economy is an environment where entrepreneurs and workers have the freedom to aspire, to innovate, to grow and to prosper," Abbott said. "Increasingly, we’re seeing government as a hindrance—rather than a help—to economic growth."

Abbott, the sitting state attorney general who has launched numerous lawsuits to challenge Washington policies, took direct aim at several that he says hinder growth.

"At the federal level, especially with laws like Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, and lawless regulations by agencies like the EPA, we’ve seen the heavy hand of government impose burdensome and costly programs that stifle job growth, take more tax dollars and limit the ability of workers to take home more pay," he said

Echoing Ronald Reagan's economic philosophy, Abbott called for government power to be scaled back: "To get government off the backs of workers and job creators, and to unleash the power of entrepreneurs and innovators, government must be limited. When government is limited, freedom is expanded. When freedom is expanded, free enterprise flourishes and individuals prosper. I will be Governor of a state where freedom, free enterprise and individual prosperity are staples of society."